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PUNONG MANGGA means mango tree in Tagalog- the national language of the Philippines. Made from handmade mango paper and seagrass braids, Punong-Mangga can hang peacefully from any corner of the home. In the Philippines, mango is a popular fruit eaten as a unripened pickled snack, as a sweet ice cream topping, or scooped right from the skin. When you move into a new home, it is customary to plant a mango tree in your front yard as an offering for fruitfulness and fortune! Fotunately, Gaea Bound studio sits under a punong-mangga!!! BUT with a loud honking donkey at the farm next door...


Handmade journal/sketchbook

4.5" x 10", 160gsm, 100 pages

Handmade mango paper, thread, mango wood, braided seagrass, carved bone donkey pendant, mixed media paper (great for dry and wet media)


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