based books

My books are inspired by Hawaiian and Filipino mythology, bare-bone experiences on Big Island, and Pacific Island culture! Each book is a sculptural artwork with a blank canvas inside- the pages will cherish any thoughts or ideas that come across

your journey...

Since I was a child, I've had a variety of different sketchbooks: old school composition books with Lisa Frank stickers, 3-Hole punch notebooks, or up-cycled leather Law diaries. It wasn't until high school when my art class gave us "Arteza" leather sketchbooks and I thought "Wow, this is too nice to use," but of course, I filled that baby up with teenage-angst-bloody-angels and nude models. Then in my first year of college, everyone had a "Moleskin" and I was stuffing extra papers in my old sketchbook, or using random sheets from the Print Lab.


Now zip through all the years of existential crisis's, it is 2021 and I currently have a shelf at my dad's house with all my sketchbooks over the years. They're all ugly, old, and falling apart, but looking through them is like deciphering the thoughts of another person. And when I make my books, I think about what they'd look like in the future, where someone may find them, and what treasures they'll find in the pages...Or will they decompose in the Earth, and all the untold stories and secrets reincarnate into another life?

Having the knowledge to create books feels like a superpower that my younger-self would geek over. Bookbinding satisfies many of my creative tendencies: building, hammering, and weaving. It challenges my spatial intelligence and encourages experimentation and inventiveness with a time-less art form. And all the materials and tools involved makes me like the village blacksmith or carpenter.