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angaea cuna

artist :: designer :: owner

Gaea Bound is a secret studio under a mango tree in the jungles of Hawaii. The abundance of the 'aina inspires many of my projects and I spend most of my time foraging for natural materials from the jungle to add to my works. These materials, texture, color, and form are curated together into books or installations to encompass my pacific island ancestry and the Big Island. 


Among the landscape, I am conscious of the native and non-native materials that I forage. Especially, if it is a material in a sacred place of Hawaii. I prioritize the sustainability of my studio practice, making sure that what I create is not harmful to the environment to reduce my carbon footprint.

As a DACA-recipent and multi-media artist, themes of home, immigration, or identity are explored throughout my artistic career. The desire to feel grounded in a physical space is unrequited, but I always feel a sense of belonging in nature. Thus, my artworks are bio-centric and site-specific. They contain layers of research and narrative in order to produce the story behind my work. 

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