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  • Version A
  • Size: 6in x 4in
  • Paper: Mixed Media Paper, 240gsm
  • Handmade Sketchbook/Journal, 96 pages front/back
  • Unique Materials: banana leaves cover, brown leather corners, bone beads, earthtone colored  papers, yellow waxed hemp thread, pyrographic hand-drawn banana flower, handmade cotton/bougainvilla endpapers


Before the fruit grows on a banana tree, it will grow a beautiful deep purple flower. It hangs from the tree like an alien life form and blooms like an upside-down lotus flower. These books are wrapped with handmade paper made from banana leaves, decorated with a pyrographic-drawn banana flower, and packed with gradient earth-tone colored papers for your creative needs.


  • Please email, and I will refund your purchase if:

    • the product arrived broken
    • you are dissatisfied with the product
    • your product never arrived

    If you've experienced any of the above, please return your order in its original condition and packaging, email with your receipt, and reason for return.

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