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I am tired, but excited. I am raw, but I am pure. I am nervous, but I want to share. Would you like to join me in a Meditative and/or Journaling Exercise from my zine "Hide & Seek"? The sun peeked through my windows and asked me to come outside. "Revisit yourself today," the sun sang. Found myself on a rooftop and sang with the sun.

"Rucksack of Tools"

Sit or lay comfortably with music or silence. You can explore this exercise in your mind or you can draw/write it on paper. Fill your rucksack with essential tools for your emotional well-being. Fill it with activities, mantras, rituals, or prayer. Pack your favorite recipes or wise phrases from your loved ones. Include a playlist of songs that you never get tired of. Fill your rucksack with helpful Questions. Is my body projecting ahead while my spirit is neglected? Is my body tired, but my spirit eager to perform? Have I outgrown any tools that I can pass down to others? What sentences are repeating in my head recently? What are some words that have resonated with me this week? How can I make this "thing" that brings me anxiety more enjoyable? These are intangible things or actions that help ignite the brain and the heart in harmony. They help explore our inner-child and practice creative-resourcefulness. We must remind ourselves that we are abundant without worldly possessions. We have the power to manifest our own realities. Sync your physical body to your spirit and recognize what it needs and what it wants. Rarely do our needs parallel with what we want, but if it does, take advantage and be proactive. And if it doesn't, take the steps to project ahead in harmony. Our rucksack will be filled with tools that will help remind us of that harmony.

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